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About Swiss Property Partners

The company

Swiss Property Partners AG is a private limited company. The company is positioned in the canton of Zug in Central Switzerland – next to the cantons of Zürich and Luzern. Zug is known for being a very tax liberal and business oriented canton.Swiss Property Partners was founded in 2006.


The main purpose of Swiss Property Partners is to find high quality Swiss commercial properties and offer these properties to foreign investors. Swiss Property Partners secures part of the external financing for the properties through a primary mortgage in a Swiss bank.On behalf of the investors, Swiss Property Partners then manages and later sells the properties.


In all properties, Swiss Property Partners participates with a strategic position of the investment. The presence of Swiss Property Partners as a co-investor in all offered property investments should ensure that the property represents the best possible investment opportunity for the other investors.



Our promise to yo

You have worked hard to earn the money you invest with us. We fully appreciate that. You can expect us to provide you with expert knowledge on Swiss properties and the latest insights on economic trends in Switzerland. You can also expect us to provide you with the insiders’ network and direct access to the extremely closed and exclusive property market in Switzerland.

You and we are co-investors. We always invest in our own property investments simply because we believe they are excellent investments. This means that your investment success and ours are completely interlinked - we can only succeed if your investment is successful.

Our promise to you is therefore, that your investment success is not only our number one priority, it is our only priority.